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Top 6 Sightseeing Tips for Europe

Top 6 Sightseeing Tips for Europe

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What are sightseeing tips that you can use in Europe?

  1. Download an audio tour app
  2. Try sightseeing by bus or bike tour
  3. Know your transportation options
  4. Seek out lesser known places
  5. Be mindful of your time
  6. Explore religious sites


Securing Internet access with the best travel WiFi hotspot in the Philippines and most European countries is an essential measure for whenever you are setting out for a trip. Besides safety and overall convenience, the abundance of information online can reward you with travel hacks and even adventure tips that you can always use to make your travel experience worthwhile.

Seeing and taking in the landmarks as you go along will make you understand the context of European history and culture. Sightseeing will help you engage in spontaneous activities and you may get surprised by what you see and get to experience during your trip. Here are some tips that can definitely come in handy:


Download an audio tour app

Download an audio tour app

One of the tips-and-tricks for European sightseeing is to maximize your travels by downloading apps that can help you tour museums and other landmarks easier. All you need to have in order to make this happen are your most comfortable walking shoes, headphones, and the best travel WiFi hotspot in the Philippines and Europe for connectivity. Self-guided tours can give you the freedom to go wherever you want unlike those administered by a tour guide where the schedule is fixed.


Try sightseeing by bus or bike tour

If you are a tourist who detests walking, then this is the option for you. A bus or bike tour would be the more suitable solution if you want to avoid as much walking as possible. You can have the option to go with a tour guide or not, so this will still give you the freedom to see the sights at your own travel preferences. Many hotels and hostels even offer these types of tours so you don’t even have to worry about heading out too far.


Know your transportation options

Know your transportation options

Public transportation in Europe can confuse you if you are not used to it. But with the best travel WiFi in the Philippines, you won’t have to worry about figuring out the commute systems on the spot without Internet access. In any case, you shouldn’t be afraid of asking for directions from the locals because they can know the area like the back of their hand. Read all about the different methods of transportation so you don’t have to go through the stresses of getting lost.


Seek out lesser known places

The more famous sites can give you plenty of opportunities to explore the culture of the city and maximize your stay. But you should know that there are hidden gems where the locals like to hang out. Ask around town so they can point you in the right direction. You should also surf the net for reviews from backpackers that are up to date. This can be a great way to find more spots that are not too oversaturated with tourists. Not to mention an unparalleled touch of authentic local flavor.


Be mindful of your time

Be mindful of your time

Waking up early has its perks. You can roam around town when it’s less crowded and there is an undeniably calmer ambiance even in hectic cities like Paris and Rome. You can experience these places a lot differently since they won’t be as congested and flocked with people. This can even give you a lot of photo ops with the sunrise that make for those perfect Instagram-worthy posts. Being mindful of your time can also help you avoid long queues at museums and restaurants, making for a hassle-free travel experience.

One simple thing you can do to stick to this habit is to book your tickets online so you can stick to a structured yet flexible schedule. It can be exhausting to wait around in the middle of the day. So you might as well be efficient with your time and be rewarded with less troublesome sightseeing opportunities.


Explore religious sites

Even though you are not used to going to religious landmarks, you will find that you can make the most out of your European trip by visiting churches, cathedrals, and mosques. These sites are not just aesthetically-pleasing because of their intricate architecture, they are also rich in history and culture.

You should visit the Sagrada Família in Barcelona, Notre Dame de Paris in France, the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, and the Acropolis in Athens. All of which will provide you with the most unique and breathtaking scenes.


Key Takeaway

Aside from knowing where to buy travel WiFi either in the Philippines or Europe, you should be equipped with these effective tips that can make your trip the best there is. Collect as many memories and experiences that you can so you that you have many stories to tell your loved ones as you arrive at your home base. Remember to see everything from a new perspective and just enjoy living in the moment.