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Explore and Connect with the Best Travel WiFi Hotspot in Hong Kong

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Traveling is a hobby to some, and a job to others. One thing is for sure, it’s fun and incredibly exciting whether you’re by yourself, with your family, or with your friends! Traveling entails going to new places and discovering something new—and who doesn’t like that, right? Hong Kong is one of the most noteworthy places that every traveler goes to. If you have the best travel WiFi hotspot in Hong Kong with you, it’ll make your journey a lot more enjoyable! Remember that whenever you go traveling, it’s important that you have an Internet connection with you. In fact, the more connected you are, the better your experience should be!

The Significance of Staying Connected While Traveling


There’s no reason anymore for anyone to not have any kind of Internet access. With telecom companies providing a large number of options throughout so many countries, you’ll almost always have a means of getting an Internet connection—be it through WiFi hotspots in cafes or by simply using your mobile data!

But remember that the accessibility of the Internet isn’t the only reason why people should aim to connected every time they have the chance. For people who thrive in traveling all over the world, staying connected is more than just being able to post on social media whenever they want. There’s also a sense of practicality with it! That being said, here are some reasons why staying connected to the internet is very important for anyone that is traveling!

Have an easy time looking for the most convenient routes to destinations. Although maps exist to show you the way, sometimes they can become another hurdle for your schedule when traveling. Maps are chocked full of information and are usually top down, making it incredibly reliable… if it weren’t for the fact that it mostly shows geographical information. Unlike when you’re using a phone app that relies on GPS and the Internet to give you a detailed look at the most convenient route, sometimes even suggesting other ways for you to go through!

Find out more about where you are. Sometimes when you travel, you find yourself in a place that isn’t really on the map. Some people would automatically conclude that it’s already going to be boring because of how there’s nothing really worth going here—but that’s all an assumption. A simple search might come up with hidden gems found in that place, or better—it’s actually a hub for travelers! These are some the things that you won’t really know unless you search for it!

It makes communicating with the locals easier. Be it in an urban area in Hong Kong, or a small village in Indonesia, communicating with people that don’t speak your first or second language fluently can be taxing to both you and the people you’re talking to! Staying connected provides means to allow some kind of translation to happen! And when that doesn’t work out the way you want it to, rely on pictures! They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so those pictures might help explain things that you want to say!

The Internet provides a means for communication. While you’re in a different country, most of the time your local telecom won’t be able to provide service, or in most cases, would cost a lot more when you use it. With that being said, unless you avail the services of another country’s telecom provider, then the only means of communication you have over long distances would be through the Internet. Even when you’re in your home country, communicating through the Internet is widely accepted—so why not just do it while you’re traveling as well!

Whether traveling to Japan or the USA, the best travel WiFi hotspot secures communication. Take note that you can choose to have individual access to the Internet or just rely on a mobile hotspot. So while you’re at it you should find and use the best travel WiFi hotspot in Hong Kong or in any other place you go to!

Exploring Hong Kong: Culture and Traditions


Hong Kong used to be under the British parliament for 99 years. In 1997, it became part of the People’s republic of China. Because of the “one country, two systems” agreement, China promised not to impose any of their socialist policies on Hong Kong—giving them a high degree of autonomy in almost all matters.

That being said, Hong Kong is considered a melting pot. As a special region that has both British and Chinese cultures mixing well and unopposed, it has a rich history and culture that has always gained the interest of many foreigners. It is also home to various tourist attractions that people all over the world flock to!

The Hong Kong “Way of Living”


Hong Kong is one of a very few numbers of places that celebrate both western and eastern occasions. Its history of being under the British for so long has left its mark—particularly in the dynamics of a community. However, you should take note that there are still many pillars of their real culture scattered left and right! These cultural factors come in different shapes and sizes. From subtle home traditions to amazing festivals and cultural events that are participated in by many people, a visit to Hong Kong will surely give you a new found appreciation for all things cultural!

A big part of Hong Kong’s culture is found in their appreciation of the arts. All over Hong Kong, cultural events coincide with musical or theatrical performances, most of the time reliving history and putting emphasis on the future. Even with all of the modernization that Hong Kong has experienced, there is still a massive importance to history and culture. This is evident in how the people who live in Hong Kong live their lives.

Hong Kong is one of the most well-connected places in the world, with almost every household and establishment having an Internet connection, you’ll find it hard to not have at least Internet access. Although the fact remains when traveling through the different cultural spots, particularly in the rural areas, the Internet can be unreliable. Make sure you have the best travel WiFi hotspot in Hong Kong with you wherever you travel!

At the end of the day, Hong Kong is a place that is filled with cultural adventures mixed with technological advances everywhere! Traveling here will surely open your eyes to just how fluid culture can be, and why people should always have an open mind to it!

Famous Traditions and Festivals in Hong Kong


Even if Hong Kong is heavily influenced by western civilization, they will never forget their grassroots. Their traditions still stand strong and are celebrated in the most stunning ways possible. For travelers and vacation goers, these are the events that you should prioritize going to. Not only will you experience something surreal and intimate for the Chinese side of Hong Kong, but it’s also an opportunity for you to really immerse with the local customs and culture!

These traditions are special, often sacred for the people who do them. The first thing that foreigners would usually think of when they see this is that they would try their best to capture the moment. They’d make use of the best travel WiFi hotspot in Hong Kong and upload tons of pictures and videos as the event happens. But when it comes to these festivals, it would definitely be better for you to put down your phones, and just enjoy the moment. In that regard, here are some of the popular traditions and festivals that are celebrated in Hong Kong!

  • The Chinese New Year – Usually celebrated in January or February, it is the most relevant of all the annual Chinese festivals. You’ll find yourself hearing everyone around you great each other “Kung Hei fat choi” or “Happy New Year”. You would also see them exchanging red envelopes that usually contains money.

On New Year’s Day, expect an amazing night parade to pass through the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui. The parade will be filled with traditional Chinese arts and crafts that mostly come in the form of amazingly designed dragons and lanterns.

On the second day of the Lunar New Year, however, get ready for an awesome display of fireworks across the night sky. It’s an event that is cool to read about but absolutely jaw-dropping to experience.


  • Spring Lantern Festival – This festival happens during the first full moon of the Lunar New Year. Although a smaller festival, it is celebrated across Hong Kong to bid farewell to the previous year. It is very notable for the huge, brightly-lit lanterns of all shapes and size in the parades.


  • Tin Hau Festival – In Hong Kong, there are more than 70 temples dedicated to Tin Hau, the goddess of the sea. During April, many families visit these temples for the birthday of the Goddess. This is considered the biggest celebration out in Yuen Long.
  • Cheung Cha Bun Festival – During the Birthday of Buddha, the fishing village of Cheung Chau comes to life with its annual bun festival. Happening from the 5th to the 9th of the fourth lunar month, this festival is celebrated in honor of the Taoist God Pak Tai. The event is incredibly famous for sweet buns—with a bun scrambling competition involving activities such as climbing 60-foot bamboo towers. Other notable events in the festival are the Piu Sik or Floating Clours Parade.

These are just 4 festivals that are incredibly popular in Hong Kong. Take note that there are so many other festivals, big and small, that can be visited in every corner of Hong Kong. Remember to do your research and find out which festivals you’ll be able to go to when you go to Hong Kong!

Popular Places to Go


The culture of Hong Kong is diverse and incredibly eclectic, but that’s not the only thing that people go there for. In fact, when people think of Hong Kong, they think most of their amazing cityscape and a vast number of tourist attractions. The country is quite small, making it very easy for anyone to enjoy many sights as long as you plan out your itinerary well.

That being said, with the many attractions found in Hong Kong, some people have a hard time choosing which ones to go to! With that being said, here are some of the most popular tourist places that everyone needs to go to when they’re in Hong Kong!

  • Disneyland Hong Kong – for kids both in age and spirit, Disneyland is a paradise. As the second Disneyland in Asia, spending a day here will surely be filled with happiness and excitement for everyone in the family!


  • Victoria Peak – for those travelers that enjoy amazing views of breathtaking landscapes, this is the place for you. when you reach this place, you’ll be rewarded with the best view that overlooks the city’s famous skyline and Victoria Harbor! But don’t think that getting here is tiring. The Peak tram makes traveling to the peak incredibly comfortable, while also becoming an attraction in the ride itself!


  • The Big Buddha – more commonly known as the Tian Tan Buddha, this is the largest outdoor sitting Buddha that’s made of bronze. This attraction is something that can be seen from afar, but you won’t appreciate it until you come close.Other attractions that are close to the Big Buddha is the Po Lin Monastery and the Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery which is famous for its halls that have almost 13,000 miniature Buddha statues. Same as the Victoria Peak, you take a cable car ride that offers an incredibly amazing panoramic view of the Lantau Island, which is an attraction in and of itself!
  • The Symphony of Lights – known as the largest permanent light and sound show by the Guinness World Records, it lights up every night starting at 8 pm and shows a mesmerizing performance that makes use of more than 40 buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbor!

Why You Should Have the Best Travel Wifi Hotspot in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is a well-connected country. No matter where you go, there will always be an establishment that has fast Internet. But with that being said, you won’t always have the chance to enter these establishments when you’re traveling.

Hotels and restaurants usually have WiFi hotspots, but only for their customers. And most of the time, when you’re traveling, you’ll be in cars, buses, or taxis. You’ll always be on the move from one destination to another. That’s why you should get the best travel WiFi hotspot in Hong Kong. With this hotspot, you won’t need to stop by establishments every now and then just to access the Internet.

You’ll also have the freedom of just going wherever you want while still being connected to the Internet! With the best travel WiFi hotspot in Hong Kong, you won’t have to think about losing communication or getting lost while traveling!

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The WiFi hotspots provided by Big Sky Nation automatically connects to the local telecom provider. All you have to do is pay for a 24-hour period and you’re ready to go!

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