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Every Millennial's Guide to Traveling the World

Every Millennial’s Guide to Traveling the World

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What should millennials do to be able to travel the world?

  1. Plan your trip backward
  2. Make a budget
  3. Always have a backup plan


Traveling is something almost everyone wants to do. There are people who truly treat their houses as just rest stops for their next adventure. With their cameras and smartphones in hand, the best travel WiFi in the USA or elsewhere to keep them connected, and a large backpack that acts as their makeshift bedroom, travel junkies are well educated on the best ways to see the world in multiple perspectives.

Every millennial has a dream—most of which focus on seeing the world as they’ve never seen it before. A lot of people aren’t satisfied with just learning about new places and appreciating them in pictures and videos. No—there’s a high chance that when millennials really want to go to a place, they’ll find a way to do so, and fast.

The only challenge that they have to face is the typical, everyday challenges that everyone has to go through. To some, it’s a large airfare roadblock, but for others, it’s as simple as commuting to the mall. For those who are planning on going to places apart from the local mall, then here’s a short guide for all of you:


Plan Your Trip Backward

Plan Your Trip Backward

Instead of getting ahead of yourself and focusing on vacation days, holidays, or other logistical concerns, you should first choose the places that you truly want to visit. For now, choose three of your most wanted destinations.

Focus on these places. Do some heavy research about them if you haven’t already done so. Find the tourist destinations you want to go to or cultural immersions you want to experience firsthand. Always ask yourself where can I rent the best travel WiFi that works in the US, Europe, or any other place you might need it. Remember, you don’t have to limit yourself to famous landmarks. Oftentimes, there are hidden gems just waiting to be found.

A very good way of learning which places will appeal to you the most is to look at reviews that were also made by millennials, not by the older generations. This is because older generations might tend to look for all-inclusive resorts and fancy hotels—while if you’re looking to experience the culture right down to it, then you’d probably want to find destinations that are as close to what you dream of as possible—and your fellow millennials would have already done so before.

One big advantage of planning backward is that it focuses on what motivates you! If you were to look at your work schedule first, then you’d probably find it hard to keep it off your mind—thus, adding more stress. Focus on what excites you so that your trip is more likely to push through.


Make a Budget

We get it, planning a budget is probably one of the most boring things to do. And it’s even more boring if you have to do it blindfolded. However, if you’ve already planned backward, you’re basically just going to fill in the blanks!

Once you’ve decided on the place you want to visit, look up ways you can get there. If it’s another country, search for flight promos or schedule it way ahead of time in order to save money. Don’t forget that you may also use credit card points or miles to fund your trip.

Of course, you also have to research the activities that you want to get into. See to it that you understand just how much things cost in the country you want to go to. Take into consideration travel fees, accommodation, and food first; with all the other miscellaneous expenses last.

Once you’ve totaled your projected expenses for the trip, then it’s time to start saving. Break it down to smaller increments. Such as a monthly, weekly, or daily saving spree. This will greatly help your saving efforts by reducing an originally intimidating amount to something a lot more manageable and realistic.


Always Have a Backup Plan

Always Have a Backup Plan

A plan is just the most ideal situation to find yourself in. Plans are never fully set in stone so problems and setbacks should never be disregarded. With that in mind, it’s very important to have one or two backup plans just in case your original plan gets a little too risky financially, or if work suddenly makes it impossible for you to continue.

A solid plan A is great but preparing for the worst is more effective when it comes to reducing stress levels and unnecessary expenses. Be sure to get travel insurance just in case you need to pay for flight cancellations. Or you might as well choose an airline with free flight modifications.

The more prepared you are for these mishaps; the less stress you’ll have to face!


Key Takeaway

Not all millennials like to travel. But those who do, usually go all in with their itinerary and funding. With the best travel WiFi in the USA ready and at hand, you wouldn’t have to worry about asking yourself where can I rent the best travel WiFi that works in the US!

Be prepared from the start and you’ll definitely experience something beyond what you’re expecting for in your travels!