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Experience Foreign Culture While Keeping Safe and Respectful

Experience Foreign Culture While Keeping Safe and Respectful

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What are the important safety tips when traveling?

  1. Remember self-awareness
  2. Gain background knowledge
  3. Understand religion
  4. Make an effort to converse
  5. Show that you understand
  6. Respect limitations
  7. Do not generalize


If you are a curious traveler and you put the best travel WiFi hotspot in Europe to good use for research purposes, then you can definitely be considered somebody who does not only travel for the sake of sightseeing but because you want to be exposed to a particular foreign culture’s ways and ideals.

For instance, you’re contemplating to ask an Australian what and where the locals enjoy eating. You use the best travel WiFi hotspot in Australia to research on how you can best approach this Australian with politeness. You must keep in mind that if you chose to directly communicate with a foreigner, you have to make sure that you do so without committing any potentially troublesome faux pas.

So how can you best experience foreign culture while keeping yourself safe and respectful?


Remember self-awareness

Remember self-awareness

Before you could fully understand the ways of others, you must understand that your very own culture has its distinct uniqueness and wonder. You may be curious towards the culture of other nations, but so are they curious about this foreign tourist on their land. Both you and the local are practicing self-awareness when you understand that you come from different backgrounds and social temperament.


Gain background knowledge

Your subjects in school might have taught you a thing or two about different the cultures of the world, especially on world history or literature. Expand that knowledge by becoming an avid reader of books about the different countries’ features or their fictional art. Do your research, not only during the time of travel but as a past time. That way, you have a fair idea of a country’s roots.


Understand religion

Understand religion

One of the most exciting experiences when traveling—especially in countries like Japan, China, or even Singapore—is the diversity in religion. In the strictest sense, religion is one of the most sensitive issues in the world. However, there are unique traditions and beliefs which are bound in a country’s predominant religion. Generally speaking, people are open towards tourists curious about how they worship. But remember to be observant and respect the basic rules of any worship area: maintain the solemnity by obliging by their rules.


Make an effort to converse

You can’t get anywhere in a country, especially one you are visiting for the first time if you do not try to communicate. One way of learning how a country’s people are coping with foreigners is through their way of speaking. Do not intimidate them or show your superiority over a language by speaking hurriedly. Try to be patient to get your point across. It’s respectful to establish behavior towards others as opposed to showing off communication skills.


Show that you understand

Show that you understand

Remember the background knowledge you have in stock about the country you are visiting and its people? You can use them here. Identify yourself as someone who has an idea on how their customs work, that way, you don’t only save yourself from potentially embarrassing yourself, but you also show that you are respecting their ways. It also keeps you safe to have knowledge of what might be the outcome of actions you are about to perform in a foreign context.


Respect limitations

Access the internet again through your best travel WiFi hotspot in Europe, search through different tourist spots you can visit, but make sure you respect the limits of what you can do in the destination. If the tour guide says you can’t take pictures of that, don’t try to argue. If a sign is translated for you that you can’t enter beyond this point, don’t try to explore on your own when the guide is not looking. It is a limitation set for your safety, and for cultural purposes. Respect that decision.


Do not generalize

Let’s use Australia as an example again. Using the best travel WiFi hotspot in Australia, you want to know where to best observe Kangaroos. However, you need more specific directions on where to find these animals so you decided to ask a local. Do not assume that locals know everything just because it is their country, do not belittle them for it. Think that when someone asks you back at home where a building is located, you might not be sure about the answer as well.


Key Takeaway

The essence of traveling isn’t just about the different tourist attractions and destinations you can see with your own eyes. It’s also about exploring and learning a country’s culture, traditions, and beliefs.

It isn’t putting yourself to the point you forget your own culture, but simply a way to become someone else in a foreign land. Discrimination towards different customs are becoming prevalent, and only by learning how to be respectful and safe towards a diversity of cultures can we truly understand what identity is.