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Why Backpackers Need the Best Travel WiFi in Europe

Why Backpackers Need the Best Travel WiFi in Europe

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What makes travel WiFi a must for travel?

  1. Consistent Internet speed
  2. Data security
  3. Unbiased searching
  4. Convenience


In this day and age, more and more areas in the western hemisphere, as well as particular countries all around the globe, are rapidly implementing the availability of free WiFi hotspots for certain public locales.

Although this may be the case, many travelers still believe that it is almost a necessity to the best travel WiFi hotspot in Europe or elsewhere ready and at your disposable.

Keep in mind that there’s a big difference between relying on WiFi hotspot zones and actually having your own portable hotspot. And there’s a list of many reasons to prove the importance of the latter.

Whether it’s Asia, Africa, Europe, or Australia, the best travel WiFi Hotspot can help you out tremendously, especially if you’re a backpacker who’s traveling on a budget.

As great as a general destination Europe may be, staying connected is still something that is overlooked. The continent has been romanticized as one of the world’s best and most beautiful sights to experience, but that doesn’t mean you can freely roam around without possibly encountering a slew of stressful and maybe even dangerous situations.

With a travel WiFi hotspot with you, you’ll rest assured that these potential problems will be at their bare minimum, if any at all, as you explore the region.


Consistent Internet Speed

Consistent Internet Speed

The most common reason why people recommend having your own personal WiFi hotspot when you backpack through Europe is to have a fast and consistent Internet connection.

There are a variety of factors that can affect the Internet speed provided by public WiFi hotspot. Factors such as the type of router used, the number of people connected, the Internet provider, and type of connection all affect the quality of your connective stability.

You would usually find a few spots that have decent Internet quality that is fast and reliable, however, for the most part, you’ll be competing with many people.

For a lot of people that value staying connected, the probability of getting connected to a very fast connection is not as appealing as always having a reliable, stable, and consistent connection right inside your backpack at all times.


Data Security

A common threat that is often linked to connecting to public WiFi is data security. Since your mobile devices usually double as a personal information storage unit, a lot of your sensitive information like passwords or credit card information might be vulnerable to being leaked because of the unsecured connections.

Always be mindful of where you are and what you are connecting your devices to because no matter where you are, there will be some people that would try and scam you—some of which by means of the public internet.

Again, when you have your own travel WiFi hotspot, you don’t even have to risk exposing your information to any public Internet connection.


Unbiased Searching

Unbiased Searching

Oftentimes, connecting to a public Internet source or even the WiFi of the hotel you’re staying in will lead to a browser with a controlled network. This means that your experience browsing through the Internet will probably be spammed with advertisements and pop-ups that can indeed be annoying to some people.

These types of Internet connections may also force you to use specific search engines or go through particular gateways instead of what you’re used to.

Some of these Internet connections also have restrictions added to them, sometimes not allowing you to visit certain sites due to competition or area-specific policies.

These arguably unnecessary restrictions on Internet freedom can be quite detrimental for a lot of people, not just backpackers.



The most unparalleled advantage that portable travel WiFi hotspots have over the public Internet is that it will always be right by your side, or at least, within your reach. Most of these portable WiFi devices are battery-powered and can easily be charged because they have both USB and outlet plugs.

It also goes without saying that physical hotspot locations will always require you to be within its range to get an Internet connection. But with the best travel WiFi Hotspot in Europe, however, you can access the Internet anywhere you want!

This leaves more room for exploration and less time spent stuck in public places. And as a backpacker who wants to spend most of your time in the interesting parts of town, this is absolutely essential.


Key Takeaway

The Internet is almost never a problem in first world countries because it’s almost always readily available. However, it’s ironically this exact scope of public access that made it somewhat inconvenient for most people.

As most people expect fast, reliable, and consistent Internet connections, chances are that most of the public Internet connections will disappoint. A portable travel WiFi will surely be the most reliable and consistent way for every backpacker to stay connected.