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Big Sky Nation and SEO in the Philippines: Keeping You Connected Wherever You Go

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The sky’s the limit for Big Sky Nation. Being the number 1 travel solutions provider in the Philippines drives us to connect our dear customers to the internet – wherever they are. This is why we started looking for better marketing channels that can help us reach more customers. Fortunately, we found SEO Hacker, arguable the number 1 SEO Services company in the Philippines by Filipino motivational and leadership speaker, Sean Si. We only found them after we’ve researched and screened numerous SEO agencies in the country.


Big Sky’s Commitment to Our Customers

The problem with travelling all around the world is not staying connected with the happenings in the digital landscape. Not being able to communicate with important people, inability to upload important memories to update your followers, and being the last to know about issues and updates regarding everything or everyone of the people and things that you follow. All of these are problems that arise when travellers are not connected to their digital accounts.


But with Big Sky Nation’s help, people that plan to travel anywhere in the world are able to connect to the world wide web and enjoy their time while travelling while still being able to do the things they want to do in the digital landscape. Our premium travel wi-fi products are all you need to stay connected wherever you are in the world!


With our mission to keep the connection alive between travellers and their digital channels. Big Sky Nation is the Philippines’ premier travel solutions provider and we want to be able to help as much people as we can. This is why we looked for the best mediums to bring in more people that need help with their connectivity problems. This is when we found out about SEO and the best SEO services agency in the Philippines  – SEO Hacker.


Big Sky Nation’s Partnership with SEO Hacker

We immediately established connection with SEO Hacker and that’s when our journey began. Being aligned with SEO Hacker and how they can help us with our goal of helping people stay connected wherever they are in the world was a breeze since they thoroughly explained how SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization, is the perfect channel we can make use of to reach an immense amount of people in the digital market.


We immediately finalized our partnership with them, providing them with the keywords we want to be visible in when people search them in Google – the biggest search engine in the entire world. That was way back in the latter part of 2018 and it’s been more than a year since we’ve partnered with SEO Hacker and these are the results of their quality SEO services:



Keywords Old Rankings Current Rankings
Best Travel Wifi Hotspot Hong Kong Not in Top 100 2
Best Travel WiFi Hotspot Philippines Not in Top 100 2
Best Travel WiFi Hotspot Europe Not in Top 100 8
Best Travel WiFi Hotspot Japan Not in Top 100 17
Best Travel WiFi Hotspot USA Not in Top 100 18


From not at all being visible in the search engines to enjoying 3 primary keywords on the first page while 2 of them on the second page. All of these were possible with SEO Hacker’s expertly curated strategies. Of course, these are not the only keywords that Big Sky Nation is visible for. But these are the keywords that we deem most important. We have been enjoying all the benefits that having great online visibility offers. We’re excited to see more benefits that we can receive once more keywords further improve rankings.


As we’ve mentioned, SEO Hacker is, arguably, the Philippines’ best SEO Services agency and they really deliver on their promises. SEO Hacker being able to live up to the reputation they established and their promise of first page in the search market is what they’re all about. Search market success is what most companies with digital identities want and strive for but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Companies like us need to have experts take hold of the reigns and just leave is with the benefits and that’s where SEO Hacker comes in. They do all the strategies needed to help us reach the first page of Google while still ensuring that we stay there in the long run. SEO Hacker is a company we strongly recommend to any company that wants to penetrate the search market and successfully establish their identity in their respective niche search industry. Don’t believe us? Contact them here and ask them how you can enjoy your future spot in the first page of Google search results!