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Wireless Tech: Then and Now

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We are instantly connected.

In many ways, humans are the most connected species on the planet. We can order things from around the world and have them shipped specifically to us. Whether it’s doing business with people miles away or inviting your friends to your birthday party.

In this article we’ll explore how life was before the internet and before we were always connected.

Before being Digital Natives

Imagine how your elders communicated with a distant relative back in the day. They would have to send email through the post. They would do this by going to the post office and paying for postage (a stamp) for it to be sent. Unlike modern email, there was no way of tracking of where your mail was. The only way they knew it had been received was if the recipient of the letter had mailed back. That’s how difficult it was to communicate back then!

It’s amazing how far we’ve come with our communication. With wireless technology and data lines, social interactions is constantly changing everyday.

Hassle-free shopping

As the world’s technology continuously evolve, even shopping has become easier. By using a credit card or e-wallet, the purchase journey has been trimmed for the shopper to save time. In contrast, in old magazines and advertisements, money had to be sent via the mail, with the address inside, before they would ship the order. Gone are the days that people have to wait for weeks to receive their packages.

Understanding the World

Aside from shopping and communication, wireless technology has transitioned us into a more connected world. From learning about one’s culture, news, entertainment, and people publicizing their vacations online is now possible because of this innovation. The human experience has definitely changed using the internet.

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