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The First-Timers Guide to Solo Travel 2

#BigSkyTravelHacks: The First-Timers Guide to Solo Travel

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Solo travel can be very intimidating, especially if it’s your first time. It’s incredibly fun to be a solo traveler, just make sure to bring essentials such as the best travel Wi-Fi hotspot for your USA or Europe trip along with other crucial items.

What should you expect on your first trip alone? Perhaps you’ve already travelled on your own before and are looking for a more fruitful trip. Solo travel is one of the most rewarding experiences anyone can do and this is what you need to know about solo travel.


What do you need to bring for Solo Travel?

What do you need to bring for Solo Travel

Here’s the thing about traveling by yourself,  you can’t bring too much because your bag can get too heavy. You can’t bring too little because you might miss out on essentials. You need to find the right balance of what you should bring for your solo travel trip. This can be challenging if you have a lot of emergency items that you need to keep on hand, so here’s a nifty guide on what you need to bring.


  • Light Clothes

Try your best to avoid bringing bulky clothing. Lighter clothes are easier to pack and carry around. If the duration of your flight is long, bring comfortable clothes. It can be tempting to bring fashionable choices but it’s also very unwise as some pieces are not always the most practical options. If you’re bringing comfortable clothing, be sure to think about what you’re wearing. Some countries adhere to specific dress codes while some don’t but it’s always wise to look presentable.


  • Backpack

Don’t underestimate the capabilities of a good backpack. This can be your savior when you’re traveling alone. When you’re in a hurry, this can help you save time by skipping the check-in process. Use your backpack as a carry-on but don’t overload it either. After you’re set, just pop it in your overhead bin and no need to worry about losing a luggage.


  • Blanket Size Scarf

Bring a blanket size scarf if you need an extra layer of warmth in your hotel room or plane. You can even use the scarf in the hot weather by using it as a cover from the sun if you don’t have an umbrella. It’s very versatile and it’s always good to have this on hand if you want to bundle up and relax.


  • Portable Power

Anyone these days is bound to have a phone on hand. It’s essential when traveling and the last thing you would want is to suddenly run out of power. Carry an extra power bank and cables when you can. You’ll never know when you’ll run out of power and it’s always good to have a backup.


Safety Tips

It’s always good to be safe and vigilant. You only have yourself to rely on when you’re on this solo trip, so make sure to be cautious. Start by always staying connected, as much as possible. There are various free apps and network connections you can take advantage of. Better yet, bring a Wi-Fi hotspot. This can help you navigate around the area and keep in contact with your loved ones. Staying connected is an important lifeline that you shouldn’t overlook.

After securing your internet connection, you need to inform your friends and family about your itinerary. This is important if you plan to explore nature parks and the wilderness alone. Let the front desk know when you’ll return and be sure to stick to your schedule as well.

Another great tip is to separate some cash from your main stash, stow away those credit cards, and secure your passport. This will ultimately be helpful when you’re exploring a new destination. New destinations need to be treated delicately. Brush up on local customs and do your research.


Basic Etiquette

Women enjoy traveling on the map to the train station. Holiday travel ideas.

All countries have different customs and etiquette you need to know about. Remember that you are a visitor and always treat the country with much respect, just like you do on your own. If you’re a female traveler, you need to do extensive research, especially for countries that have strict rules and regulations for women traveling solo. Basic etiquette will let the locals see how much you appreciate and respect their culture. This is a big plus and you’ll see that they respond much better to you.


Take Great Photos

If you’re using your phone to take your photos, you can opt to use a selfie stick or politely ask somebody to take your photos. If you’re traveling alone and you need that perfect shot from your DSLR, bring a monopod. You can time your shots with the most ideal settings and it’s much easier to bring as opposed to a tripod. Prior to your trip, you can even practice taking photos of yourself so you can get the perfect shot with no effort at all.


Traveling solo can be hard at first but once you get a hang of it, you’ll be planning solo trips all year round.

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