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Family-Friendly Attractions To Include In Your Sydney Itinerary

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One of the most-visited cities in the Land Down Under, Sydney is home to countless natural and man-made wonders that are sure to wow visitors of all ages. 

If you’re traveling to this Australian gem with your family anytime soon, read on as we round up a list of eight of the best attractions in Sydney that both the young and old will love—from the mesmerizing architectural icon that is the Sydney Opera House to the spectacularly scenic Blue Mountains:



Sydney Opera House

This 2,679-seater concert hall on the Sydney Harbour looks just as marvelous on the inside as it is on the outside! So—if your travel budget permits—don’t miss a chance to catch a show here when you go. Aside from staging concerts and musicals, the Sydney Opera House also regularly hosts workshops suitable for kids and families, such as dance, theater, and arts and crafts workshops. 

For lunch or dinner, sit down at the Opera Kitchen or the Opera Bar and enjoy a delicious meal overlooking the beautiful harbor—just watch out for seagulls targeting your food!

>>Check out the Sydney Opera House’s upcoming events for kids and families here


The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Located just a stone’s throw away from the Sydney Opera House, the 30-hectare Royal Botanic Garden Sydney offers guests a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city with its well-manicured gardens that are not just beautiful and whimsical, but also stroller-friendly. 

Join other families as they play and stretch out on the grass, or have a little picnic with snacks from a local supermarket like Coles or Woolworths. 

>>For more info about the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, click here


Luna Park

Arguably the most popular—and beloved—amusement park in New South Wales, Luna Park is best known for its *jaw-dropping* entrance that features a 30-foot-wide smiling face between two art deco towers—inspired by the OG Luna Park in Melbourne.  First opened in 1935, this heritage-listed theme park draws in visitors from every age bracket with its thrilling rides (it’s got four roller coasters!) and addictive sideshow games. 

>>Book your Luna Park Sydney tickets here.


Taronga Zoo

This historic zoo takes its name from the aboriginal word that means “beautiful view,” and it certainly offers spectacular vistas of the Sydney Harbour, as you get up close with the zoo’s 4,000-plus resident animals, which include giraffes, koalas, and lions.

For a core memory-worthy visit, consider spending a night at the zoo with the fam through “Roar and Snore”—a safari-style sleepover at the zoo. After a long day at the zoo, retire in a cozy tent nestled in a nature-filled campsite!

>>To make a Roar and Snore reservation at Taronga Zoo, click here


Darling Quarter Playground

When it comes to playgrounds, the Darling Quarter’s might just be the best in all of Australia. 

In addition to the classic slides and swings, this massive and innovative outdoor play area boasts features that make for challenging and stimulating playtime—from a 10-meter-high octanet for climbing to waterworks that introduce physics to children in an engaging way.

>>For more info about visiting the Darling Quarter Playground, click here.


Sydney Chinatown

For families with adventurous tastebuds, Sydney’s Chinatown brings to the table a feast of authentic Chinese flavors. 

Established in the 1920s, this ever-vibrant district is an excellent place to sample a wide variety of dimsum and noodle dishes or sit down for a nice afternoon tea. The best time to visit is on a Friday, when some 50 market stalls pop up at around 4 PM and stay open until 11 PM, allowing for extended hours of food-tripping and shopping. 

>>Read more about Sydney Chinatown’s Friday Night Markets here.


Bondi Beach

For families with bigger kids, take the opportunity to learn how to surf at Bondi Beach! Sign up for a crash course on surfing, get a grip of the fundamentals, and catch a wave for another memorable activity in Oz. 

If your family is the type that prefers chilling over chasing thrills, take a leisurely walk from Coogee to Bondi Beach on the scenic coastal path, and recharge with a mouthwatering platter of seafood at one of the restaurants that line the beach. 

>>Reserve your Bondi surfing lesson slots at Let’s Go Surfing—a renowned and trusted surf school in Australia.


Blue Mountains

Sydney isn’t all business districts and beaches—it’s also got some lush wilderness for you to explore!

Enter the Blue Mountains, a mustn’t-miss attraction in Scenic World that invites your family to the ultimate nature trip. Awaken your spirit for adventure as you explore valleys and cliffs, ride a bike on rugged bicycle trails, try canyoneering, get enchanted by glow worms in an underground cave; and watch the breathtaking sunset from a cable car. 

>>Book your Scenic World tickets here.


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***Featured image by Annie Spratt on Unsplash