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One World, Connected

  1. Easy

    Just turn it on and get unlimited mobile data access in over 80 countries.

  2. Fast

    Stay connected wherever you travel using 3G/4G connection and local data routing.

  3. Secure

    Using a secure, encrypted connection, keeps your data safe. Go ahead, browse wherever you want!

What is Skyroam Hotspot?

A personal global WiFi hotspot that provides fast, secure and cost-effective internet service around the world. Skyroam's Hotspot covers 80 countries, including all top travel destinations.

Keep your smartphone, tablet and laptop connected wherever you travel. Enjoy unlimited data for just ₱490 a day.

How It Works

NEW!   Try it for your next trip
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Never Pay Overage Fees Again!

Don't be scared to use data next time you travel abroad stay connected at one low, flat, daily rate. No more data roaming charges. Just ₱490 a day for unlimited data. That's it, No strings attached.

Did you know that by sending a single photo or downloading one song on your mobile device while roaming, your carrier could charge you over ₱3,700?

WiFi Anywhere

  1. Versatile

    Enable your every device . phone, tablet, and laptop . wherever you may travel.

  2. Hassle-Free

    No entangling subscriptions, no juggling SIMs, no equipment rentals, no unlocking phones.

  3. Cost Effective

    Only ₱490 a day for unlimited data in over 80 countries. With the same low price in every country, you.ll never suffer from bill shock again.

NEW!   Try it for your next trip
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